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                                                                                             Our missions

                                                                                             Carbon neutrality                        Living wage
                                                                                             by 2030                                  by 2025
                                                                                             We are committed to becoming climate neutral   With guidance from FairWear Foundation,
                                                                                             by 2030 to contribute to global net-zero goals.   we are working to close the gap between
                                                                                             To achieve this, in 2022 we will start measuring   the legal minimum wage and a living wage
                                                                                             the entire carbon footprint of our value chain,   in our partner factories, and we invest part
                                                                                             activate an action plan to reduce those emis-  of our operational profit in projects aimed
                                                                                             sions, and compensate for unavoidable emis-  at improving the living standards of factory
                                                                                             sions through reforestation, insetting initiatives   workers and their families.
                                                                                             and offsetting projects.
                                                                                             Our actions
                                                                                             Taking cotton traceability    The grocery shop  The Stanley/Stella
                                                                                             back to the field    project             Foundation
                                                                                             We want to go beyond the world of certification   We work with our partner factories to set up   Since 2020, we have reserved part of our ope-
                                                                                             in order to have more traceability and transpa-  Fair-priced Grocery Shops (FGS) on-site for   rating profits to finance projects related to our
                                                                                             rency across our supply chain. To achieve this   their workers. Through these initiatives, we   sustainability initiatives. In the first year, we
                                                                                             end-to-end visibility, we are planning to build   help factories provide essential goods like rice,   contributed €62,000 to grocery shop projects
                                                                                             a selective network of farmers, ginners and   oil and lentils at heavily subsidised prices. This   in Bangladesh and reserved a further €475,000.
                                                                                             spinners. Through this strong network, we will   increases workers’ buying power, and improves   In 2021, we expect to add a total of €1.07 million
                                                                                             be able to better understand and support the   the overall standard of living in their families and   to our reserve. Going forward, the Stanley/Stella
                                                                                             workers in order to drive positive impacts across   communities. In 2020, we contributed €62,000   Foundation, established in late 2020, will allow
                                                                                             our entire value chain.  to FGS projects in Bangladesh and have plans   us to manage these funds in a way that maxi-
                                                                                                                  to support another FGS project before the end   mises the impact we can achieve.
                                                                                                                  of 2021.
                                                                                                                                                Fashion revolution campain 2021 >
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