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MACSEIS Functional Work wear & Protective Products such as Reinforced   EN343
Work Pants and Work Shoes are all CE Certified. The Certifications
are done by SGS a worldwide-acknowledged Test Institute, and our        MACSEIS HIGHTECH Jackets are all in accordance with EN343 Standard
CE Certified Products undergoes an extreme-test-program to ensure       on Waterproof and Breathability.
that our Design, Component-Technologies, Development, quality,
protection and Manufacturing of our Protective Products are impeccably  EN340
and the best achievable.
                                                                        All MACSEIS Products are crafted using only OEKOTEX100 Certified
MACSEIS Functional Work Wear is reinforced on several sections by       components and fabrics and we Design to achieve a maximum in
the use of CORDURA Protective Fabrics. CORDURA is an acknowledge        Ergonomic Comfort. It is our core aim to keep you healthy and
brand within both work wear and military and supplies protective        comfortable while wearing MACSEIS Products.
hardwearing fabrics. MACSEIS is using a coated CORDURA that is
dyed to MACSEIS color-scheme.                                           EN ISO 6330

EN14404                                                                 MACSEIS Functional Work Wear Products are washable by 40 degrees
                                                                        Celsius and in accordance to EN ISO 6330 on washes and drying. Be
The MACSEIS Kneepad protection is only guaranteed in connection         aware that your wash machine and the wash liquid you are using
with the use of both the MACSEIS Kneepad and the CORDURA Fabric         may have an impact on the procedures of washing MACSEIS TECHWISE
reinforced kneepad pocket on MACSEIS PRONEON Work Pants. The            & Functional Work Wear Products and its softness after wash. Do
MACSEIS Sporty Knee-Pad originates from Motorcycle Protection           not was over 40 degrees as hot water may have an impact on the
wear and is a common highly protective Protection Pad design here       Functions included and the MULTISTRETCH Spandex incorporated in
from. It is impact absorbent and offers penetration protection.         the Fabrics.

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